Friday, July 13, 2012

Top 50 Summer Nail Art Ideas!

Hello Darlings!

It's that time again. I've put together a list of my fifty most FAVORITE nail art designs for the summer! Most have tutorials, and I strongly encourage you to go check out other manicure idea's from these ladies FANTASTIC blogs and channels!

Summer Nail Art Ideas

Fish AND Ocean Waves Nail Art:

Ocean Wave Water Marble Nail Art by My Simple Little Pleasures:

Charlotte's Nails "Big Blue" Octopus Manicure:

Adventures In Acetone has a great detailed Blue Fish Manicure:
Fish Nail Art

Mr. Candiipant's Koi Nail Art Tutorial:

Spektor's Nails Rainbow Fish Nail Art:
Fish Nail Art
I have TWO favorites from Nailed Daily for this category. First, her Dolphin Nail Art:
Fish Nail Art

I also love her Under The Sea Nail Art, it is beautiful!
Fish Nail Art
Jelly Fish Nail Art by NADbyMai:

Some of the CUTEST and easiest looking fish I've seen so far are made by EasyNailArt1:

Nautical Nail Art:

Glitta Gloves Nautical Nail Art:
Nautical Nail Art

Crazy About Nails' Sailor Toe Nails:
Nautical Nail Art

Pixie Polish's Nautical Nail Art Video:

Polish Art Addiction's Nautical Stripes:
Nautical Nail Art

Beautopia's Anchors Aweigh Nail Art:
Nautical Nail Art
Cutepolish's Nautical Sailor Nails:

Mymakeupmania's Nautical Themed Nail Art:
Nautical Nail Art

Summer Sky Nail Art:

Nailed Daily's Jessica Vero's  Silver Lining Nail Art:

Divine Caroline's Summer Sky Nail Art Tutorial:

Fancy Phalanges Mr. Blue Sky Nail Art:

Peace Love Lacquer's Nail Art Tutorial of Rainbow Nails:

I have two favorites from Adventures in Acetone's Blog for this category, first up are her beautiful star Polka Dots:

Shooting Star Nail Art Tutorial by Meliney:

Sonoma Nail Art's Summer Fashion:

The Sparkle Queen's Summer Sky Dot Nail Art:

My "Summer Heat Waves" Water Marble Nail Art:

Sunset Gradient Nails by StephandNails BK:

Fanning the Fume's Mr. Sky Nail Art:

Tropical, Flowers, Palm Trees, AND Beach Nail Art:

Palm Tree Nails by iartkandi:

A pretty Beach Manicure by Paint That Nail:

Paint That Nail also has some lovely Sunset scenes:

Robin Moses has a STUNNING Blue Tropical Flower Nail Art Tutorial Video:

Sunset Palms by soguesswhat11:

Polished Indulgence's Summer Orange and Turquoise with Hibiscus Accents Mani Tutorial:

Beautopia O Nails has two Palm Tree looks for us, first: A Sunset Palm Nail Art:

And also a day time Beach Palm Oasis look:

Jems From Jenny's Jamaican Sunset Nails:

Picnic AND Fruit Nail Art:

Wow Nails Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial:

TotallyCoolNails' Summertime Watermelon Nails:

Lace & Lacquer's Summer Strawberry Nail Art:

Summer Citrus Ombre Nail Effect + Fruit Slices by XUrbanBellaX:

Picnic Nail Art Ant Invasion Tutorial by Juliatmll:

Juliatmll also has a super cute tutorial of Marshmellows Roasting on an Open Fire Camping:

Renierainyday has a great tutorial for cute ice-cream summer nail art:

Cute Polish's Citrus Nail Art:

Plussizediva24's Fruity Summer Nail Art Design:

AnnieLeighVideos's DIY Watermelon Nail Art:

The Crafty Ninja has a MASSIVE tutorial post I love with a photo how to on all of these fruit nail art designs:

Right now, I plan on adding more tutorials as people send them to me! So if you have made a great nail art design you want shared, drop a link in the comments below or on FACEBOOK!

I hope you are as inspired as me!

The Sparkle Queen


  1. fab - thanks for collecting these together xxx

    1. Absolutely! I love putting these together. It's nice to have all the ideas in one place you know? Every time I go on Pinterest I get distracted by all the other things, so I figured this was good for other girls like me out there lol. Thanks for checking it out <3

  2. wow! These are all so great! thnx for the tutorials!

    1. You are most welcome! I plan on doing more for upcoming holidays and events :)

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    1. Indeed! Hope you've found some inspiration!

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  5. Really awesome work all of u ... Thanks a lot for sharing this ....was in search of ideas n found this page. .... :)