Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top Halloween Nail Art Ideas and Inspiration!

Halloween Nail Art Ideas and Tutorials

Hello Darlings!

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means time for the SPOOKY manicures! This is a little list of my top favorites of this year (so far!)

Like my other top nail art lists, as I keep finding great ideas, I will keep adding them to this post, so please keep sending links via comments or on Facebook!!!!!!! 

I hope you can find some inspiration for your Halloween manicure below.

The Sparkle Queen

Snadimpalli24 made this Halloween cupcake nail art look:

Nail Crazy made this neat bat look:

Halloween Skull nail art tutorial by SimpleNailArtDesigns: 

Halloween Bats by JaeMarie2008:

Manicurator's Ghost Nail Art:

Sonoma Nail Art - Eeeek! A Water Marble:

PinkFlyingCow87 made this design Spooky Orange Halloween Nail Art:

And this one:

Nails that go BOO!  by VxHONEYxV8:

Fanning The Fumes' Eye Am Watching You manicure:

yaniirasnai on Youtube made this ghost with rhinestones nail art:

Jack-O-Lantern Nail Art by IHaveACupcake:

Red Hair and Black Polish's glitzy pumpkin manicure:

Red Hair and Black Polish also made this spider web look:

Pretty Purple Polish made these Horror Movie inspired nails:

Nails for the Sake of Sanity's Halloween Manicure:

Joyluscious' Halloween Nail Art: (it glows in the dark!)

More Nail Polish's Horror Movie inspired Nail Art:

Halloween Nail Tutorial by SimpleNails123:

Frankenstein Nail Art by Jenerally Speaking:

Spooky Halloween manicure by Nail Crazy 69:

Polish Groupie's Vampire Nail Art:

Polished Criminails' hand painted haunted scene:

143baka made these Devil Fire Nails:

Nails and Stuff Shannara made these designs:

Halloween Nail Art Designs Tutorial by Boricua Unique Nails:

Boricua Unique Nails also made these skull nails as well:

Polish and Pearls also made these Haunted House Nails:

Spooky Nail Art by Simply Nails By Brooklyn:

Simply Nails By Brooklyn also made this black cat nail art look:

Halloween Nail Art by Montse from Nailing It:

Halloween Monster Nail Art by IHaveACupcake:

Halloween nail art with scrapbooking rub-ons by Glam On The Cheap:

Too Many Mummies Manicure by Simply Rins:

Robin Moses designed these Night of the Living Dead nails:

The Purple Pumpkin created both of these looks:

Halloween Nails Tutorial by modnailss:

Boo manicure by Meg's Manicures:

Nail Polishism's graveyard nails:

Sparkles and Ghosts Nail Art by Nuthin' But A Nail Thing:

TotallyCoolNails' Beetlejuice Nail Art:

Glitzy Candy Corn Nails by charismastar:

Frankenstein Nail Tutorial by TheBeauty101xo:

Artigo Beauty's spooky manicure:

Fashion and Art Trend has a great compilation from last year, including these nails:


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      So, the big question is: now that you have all these ideas, which will you go with?!

  14. I just want to say thank you for including me and i feel happy and very much in the spirit of the holiday with other artists here. *huge hugs* and love to you guys, you all rock :D

  15. I just discovered this awesome glitter queen!!!! I love her and will be telling my friends about the amazing stuff she can do!!!! Nice work!!!!!! You are soooooo talented!!!!